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Banking Outlet

With focus on Financial Inclusion, MyRoots is enabling digital transactions for rural customers in more than 15 states through an established network of 200+ Customer Service Point (CSP). These village level CSPs are easy to access and are run by the local person appointed as Bank Mitra. The Bank Mitra provides financial services on behalf of the bank such as Savings and Deposit Accounts, Cash deposit and withdrawal transactions, Facilitate Loans, etc.

We also conduct financial literacy programs to educate the farmers about banking products & services and encourage them to benefit from the various government and non-government schemes.

Banana Tissue Culture

India is the largest producer of banana contributing 28% of world banana production and 50% of exports to the Middle East, UAE and Oman owing to superior quality fruit.

With an in-house DBT approved Biotech facility, we are fully equipped to provide Banana Tissue Culture plants that are disease-free and produce banana fruits with uniform hand size, texture, and color. Our associated farmers have gained superior results and benefited both from the quality and quantity of the produce.

All aspects of quality production are supervised by domain experts and we also provide farm advisory to our farmers through our Mobile application.

Early Generation Seed Potato

We are committed to provide our farmers with premium quality early generation seed potato derived from potato tuber obtained from DBT approved sources. Field multiplication of seed potato is carried out in area Punjab, UP, Jharkhand in India under the supervision of our sector expert agronomists. We deal in below 14 varieties of seed potato providing the farmers’ ample options to choose from depending upon soil and climate condition of their areas.

1. K Bahar
2. K Surya
3. K Chandramukhi
4. Karoda
5. K.Pukhraj

6. K Khyati
7. 302 8.K. Badshah
9. K.Lauvkar
10. Lady Rasota
11. K.Chipsona-1

12. K.Chipsona-3
13. K. Jyoti
14. K.Sinduri

Collective Farming

We provide an opportunity for small and marginal farmers to overcome constraints in mobilizing credit, adopting the latest technologies and adding value to their produce through are multiple programs across states. The farmers are benefited at every stage of farming from #SowingToSelling through our values added products and services including quality inputs, farm advisory, credit facilitation, market linkage, etc.

Farm Extension Services and Advisory

With an aim to increase the efficiency of the farm, increase productivity and ultimately increase the standard of living of the farmer, our team of agronomists are constantly providing multilingual farm advisory through various platforms including videos, brochures, camps, social media, etc.

Our farm extension services include pre-harvest advisory like soil and water testing, land preparation, seed identification, irrigation & fertigation, yield test followed by post-harvest value addition including sorting & grading, safe storage, packaging, branding, and marketing, etc.

Digital Crop Monitoring

We provide digital crop monitoring services to all the farmers associated with us through various programs. The digital monitoring system gives better crop prediction by collecting real-time status of crop that is useful for demand-supply assessment. Farmers are also able to send alerts through the mobile application by uploading a picture of any threat they face in their field, which is immediately answered by the MyRoots agronomy expert. These processes accelerate farmer’s business to reach new heights and also be more profitable.

Market Linkage

MyRoots provides market linkages to farmers for sale of their agriculture produce through its wide network of corporate partners like Future Group, Reliance, Grofers, Big basket, etc. These linkages helped farmers to sell their farm produce at a better price.

We also provide buyback arrangements from farmers in our contract farming program.

Safe Storage

The safe storage not only stabilizes market prices by creating a balance of supply and demand of the commodity, but It also ensures its deferred use. In order to achieve this, it is necessary to adopt measures aimed at preserving the quality and quantity of the stored products over time.

At MyRoots, we provide safe and reliable storage facilities to our farmers that reduce food spoilage. We also make market price information available to the farmers to enable them to take profitable decisions.

Credit Facilitation

The capacity of small & marginal farmers to save and invest is very low which affects their farm productivity and livelihood.

We play a crucial role in the elimination of farmer’s financial constraints to invest in farm activities, increasing productivity and improving technologies by facilitating farmers to have access to credit facilities our banking network.

Animal Health Care Products Pashu-Swastha

The animal health care products carefully curated by the experts are made of all-natural products with no side effects. Our Pashu-Swastha range of products includes urea free cattle feed with the best quality ingredients that ensure the best of health for cattle & increases the productivity of milk.

The general healthcare tonics D-Calc-Iron is enriched with essential vitamins and minerals, Deliv-O-Lac a Liver corrective and protective powerful anti-stress formula and Khasona, is a non-alcoholic, ayurvedic cough syrup have benefited many farmers in achieving better health of their cattle and increase in income with increased milk productivity.

Farmer Resource Centre

MyRoots Farmer Resource Centre is a helping hand to farmers in linking them with all the products & services. Our social initiatives focus on the overall socio-economic development of the farmers and consistently working on their capacity building through various programs including farmers awareness camps, Financial Literacy, Training and Skill Development, Demo Plots and Farm Advisory, etc.

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