Our Heroes , 150 Women Farmers breaking the stereotype of doing traditional farming : Gumla District

MyRoots is committed to uplift the economic condition of small & marginal farmers. In the Gumla district of Jharkhand state we worked with more than 150 women farmers of Basia Palkot Farmer Producer Company. Most of the women farmers were having less than a half acres land for cultivation. Traditionally these farmers were doing rice and pulses in their field, but this time they have taken a risk of cultivating Potato for the first time.

MyRoots team oriented them to form small groups for cultivating potato crop. Forming small groups helped them in manifold starting from purchasing farm inputs like quality seed & fertilizer to even renting farm equipment’s for land preparation.

These women farmers broke the stereotype of growing their traditional crop to a new crop. MyRoots agronomist team guided and hand hold them throughout the crop cycle. As a result women farmers were able to gain significantly from the harvest. The most crucial part of the programme was that the women farmers do not have to worry about selling their produce as MyRoots was providing them an assurance to buy back all their produce at a better price.

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