A small step towards saving farmers from falling into the Poverty cycle:

Farmers in Ranchi are not getting good market to sell of their produce due to current lockdown situation. They are facing aggregation problem. Earlier they used to aggregate it within their own small farmer group and send their produce to the Mandis. Due to this lockdown farmers are unable to aggregate now by themselves. Even though Govt. is taking many measures but majority of Govt. machineries are stuck in controlling the pandemic.. At such a distressful time MyRoots team reached farmers in the region. Sukhdev Oraon, Nand Kishore Sahu, Sunita Devi and Binod Kumar are few farmers in Ranchi, who were at distress due to current lockdown. We contacted many farmers like them and started procuring fruits mainly watermelon and vegetables from them.

This is a small step towards helping these farmers and saving them from poverty situation. We are procuring the watermelon and with the support of Indian Railways we are supplying it to Kolkata Market. MyRoots team in Kolkata further selling it to the Mandis of modern retailers. In next few days we are aiming towards procuring more fruits and vegetables from the maximum numbers of farmers from the district.

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