Pashu Swastha

Pashu-Swastha Products

Pashu-Swastha is a range of animal care Ayurvedic products for cattle, poultry and other domesticated animals. Our products are made of all natural ingredients including roots, fruits, leaves etc. of plants that have been known to have many medicinal benefits. Being Ayurvedic in nature, Pashu Swastha products do not have any side effects on the animals and are completely safe.

Pashu-Swastha D-Calc-Iron, a general animal health tonic enriched with essential vitamins and minerals that maintain the overall health of the animals

Pashu-Swastha Deliv-O-Lac, a Liver corrective and protective powerful anti-stress formula enhancing feed conversions which increases milk and egg production

Pashu-Swastha Cattle Feed, nourishing cattle feed with best quality ingredients that ensures the best of health for cattle.

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