Farm Advisory – Land preparation

Farm Advisory – Land preparation for potato Crop: Hansdon Village, Gumla

Maheshwar Sahu lives in Hansdon village of Gumla district. He is a proud participant in the contract farming program organized by MyRoots in the state of Jharkhand. He cultivated the potato crop of 3797 variety in his half-acre land. MyRoots agronomy expert, Dr. Tomar visited his field before the sowing activity to guide him in the techniques of soil preparation, method of preparing ridges and application of chemical fertilizer and pesticide as basal doses.

MyRoots believes that farming is always more effective and productive when the farmer is guided in the right methodologies right from the very beginning of the process. It starts with the soil’s readiness to accept the seeds that are being sown and using seeds that are optimised for that specific soil condition. MyRoots helps farmers help themselves using our #sowingtoselling methodology.

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