Success Story-2

MyRoots Buyback provision is helping farmers to have more predictable lives:

Farmer Yogesh Pal, Sunil Kumar and Gajendra Singh are from Hatrash district in Uttar Pradesh. They had participated in the potato contract farming with MyRoots in the year 2019-2020. All of them had purchased seeds from MyRoots and used our Farm Advisory Services from the very beginning of the crop cycle. This constant engagement with MyRoots had enabled better farming outcomes for all of them.

Since MyRoots had promised purchasing their produce, they did not took stress about selling of their produce in a difficult trade situation such as the one India is in now.

Everyone knows that these are very difficult times. However, it is even more difficult for farmers because they are a part of a long and complex chain. They are worried because their income is directly impacted even if one link in the chain breaks. MyRoots works shoulder to shoulder with farmers during their sowing and growing season. We then procure the produce as well – ensuring that the farmers need not worry about their income.

In times like this where the #coronavirus has wreaked havoc in people’s confidence in a predictable tomorrow, we are glad we are able to do our bit to help farmers like them live better, more predictable lives.

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